For those who have not heard about this event, this is an arts festival in Christchurch from September to November 2013. We are working with Maddie Leach & Jem Noble to setup a ground station for communication to the international space station. See the web site

Youtube Video.

We will be setting up the AREC van in Hagley Park on Saturday 28th Sept, and will operate on various days until mid November. We will have a VHF/UHF FT897D as the main rig to talk to the ISS, with our call sign ZL3ISS, and a FM broadcast transmitter on 107.1MHz carrying the sound effects created by Maddie and Jem. We will mix the ISS uplink/downlink into this broadcast feed continuously, just in case the astronauts wake up! We also have a recorder to capture the broadcast, and a live display of the ISS orbit pass over NZ. If we get really lucky we will be able to feed any SSTV from ISS into our display at our site. We hope to also include packet radio to the ISS.

Rory is organizing most of this event from the CARC side, and here is his latest update:

September 2013:

Yesterday we set up all the gear & tested it. Worked fine. Spent a bit of time setting audio levels etc with a bit more to do there yet.

Next Tuesday night we will take Civilian down there & put gear aboard & test it again.

Have decided to do several passes next weekend to give it a good shove on opening weekend. There are six passes from 11AM until 7PM in evening with last one possibly being visible. So we will do first two Sat 28th at 11.06 & 12.41 - maybe take a break & do 17.33 & 19.11. Might also do the intermediate ones. Will see how it goes on the day.

On Sunday we have passes from 12.53 through to 19.21 so will do same again. We need hands up as to who can come along to assist first weekend please.

Need say another 3 but others could come to use as training as I won't be able to be at all days so you will need to be able to setup & operate yourselves.

At this stage we intend to do weekends -less days already out - and Thursdays so we have set days. But there may be some Thursdays with no passes so that might change too. Flexibility is going to be the name of the game!

So there you have it, you cannot say Ham Radio is not versatile!

Kelvin ZL3KB

Interview on National Radio

The last Transmission from SCAPE.

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