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Galbraith Projects

Over the years the Club has been involved in a number of projects which have been made available to amateurs in ZL and around the world.

In recent times this has dropped away, along with the demand for these types of products. However we are hoping to revatilise the Galbraith Projects with some new projects, and possibly bring back some old ones.

The links below provide some details of these projects,

however none of these projects are currently available.

Galbraith projects

If anyone recalls any other Galbraith kits please let us know.
We hope to gather further technical information on these kits,
all help with this endeavour will be welcomed.

SDR project

The club is endeavouring to set up a remote SDR receiver.
Due to noise levels on 80 & 40m at the clubrooms we are
looking at a quieter location for a receiver.

The problem is finding a site where we can get
low HF noise & a fibre connection.
Currently we have an SDR receiver running at Rob ZL3RX’s
place out at West Melton. Quite a good HF site but Rob doesn’t have fibre.
Only slow ADSL so the setup is limited to one user at a time with
about 50kHz bandwidth.
If you want to have a play with it contact Rob ( contact info in contacts page)
& see how you go.

We will probably shift it soon to another site at West Melton
that has fibre so we can set up the WebSDR
multiuser software & trial that for awhile.

Unfortunately the new site in the township might well
have a higher noise level negating the usefulness of the setup. We will see!!

If any one knows of a quiet site with fibre please let the club know.
Or we will look at a site that can get a wireless connection back to a fibre node.

A work in progress.

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