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8th December

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Kit Suppliers By Kelvin Barnsdale

RadioTek - what it's all about

This is a day of radio technology where you will be given an insight into the world of radio and electronics and Amateur Radio. For some time the members of the Christchurch Amateur Radio Club have been concerned about the lack of technical training in schools and other institutions. We are hoping to encourage an interest in all things electronic with these RadioTek days.

You will start with RadioTek 1

This a simple introduction to electronics and radio and then will put together a basic electronic circuit wire contact game. Then on to an AM radio receiver, all built on copper stripline for ease and simplicity. Later you can progress to printed circuit boards.

These days will be held regularly throughout the year and you are encouraged to progress through the days with different activities and items built as a logical progressionfrom RadioTek 1 – 4.

RadioTek 2

In RadioTek 2 you will be introduced to meters and some other electronics then build an amplifier for your AM radio you built in RadioTek 1.

RadioTek 3

This is more electronics and then you will build a more complcated FM board for your radio so you have a complete AM/FM radio.

RadioTek 4

RadioTek 4 is a more detailed introduction to Amateur Radio and you are encouraged to bring along your own simple kit to constructon the day.
Depending on the mix and numbers attending some of these activities may be repeated or overlap.
Tea/coffee and soft-drinksare available with biscuits and you bring your own lunch.
A parent or friend is welcome, as well as yourselves, for all to have an enjoyable day. There is still plenty of on siteparking at the new location.
There is a small cover charge of $15 to help pay for some of the costs associated with the day.
We hope this day will spark your interest in all things electronic and you will be encouraged to join the club and come along to others days we intend to organise and to the regular weekly/monthly meetings. The club will help you to further your knowledge and hopefully you will want to become a “Ham” radio operator and join us on the airwaves.

Any further queries you have please contact the club secretary, Rory Deans on 03 344 6292

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